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Aug 2013

Love With a Chance of Drowning

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A great new sailing book was released a couple months ago. The style is a combination of classics by the Pardeys, Tanya Aebel, etc. and modern sailing blogs like the Bumfuzzles and ZeroToCruising. Definitely worth a read.

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1 comment
  • Adrian

    March 2, 2014, pm31 5:34 PM

    Operating the boat on my own was quite an experience today. I kept aksnig myself: What did Frank say to do?I got into trouble pretty fast. After being reminded on almost every lesson not to go near the rocks guess what I ended up over near the rocks. The wind was very light while I was going North out of the marina. There was traffic coming toward me so I decided to get to the right.The boat was moving real slow so I decide to tell my buddy to raise the jib. I made a big mistake and told him to pull the jib sheet on the wrong side. The boat immediately turned right toward the rocks. That’s when panic sets in and you try to remember everything you have been taught. I had my buddy let the jib out and he tried to drop the main sail as fast as possible. In the mean time I got the motor started but it wouldn’t go in forward gear. The boat had spun around and the stern was towards the rocks and the wind was coming over the bow. I had the motor rev’d all the way but the boat wasn’t moving. I was able to get the boat repositioned by paddeling away with the tiller/rudder. Once I cleared the rocks by a safe distance I was able to calm down, put the main sail back up and sail back to the dock. The dock hand confirmed the motor wasn’t working in forward gear which made me feel a little better.It’s amazing how everything comes back to you when your adrenalin is pumping. I’m sure my gaurdian angel was just messing with me that day.I wasn’t deterred though. We got another boat and went right back out again. I made sure the motor not only started but worked in forward gear. The rest of the day went fine and we made it back to the dock with a great My first solo story .

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